Bit Figs - Ninja Series

Bit Figs - Ninja Series

Regular price $4.00

Each set includes FIVE Bit Figs Ninja Series collectibles.

All packs include 5 unpainted figures (1 of each character) in the color of your choice:

• Standard (black Tana, red Iken, orange Urai, bone Ku, and brown Oni)
• R
andom (mix of all colors above)

Special Edition sets available ($5)
• Painted Set
• Glow-in-the-dark Green
• Clear Blue (Cosmic set) *NEW*
• Clear Green (Neo Phase set)
• Clear Orange (Lanterna set)
• Clear Yellow (Shining set)
• Clear Purple (Redlaw set)
• Light Pink (Flesh set)

Special Edition sets produced exclusively for, not available in vending.

All figures are unpainted unless specified, stand about 1" tall and are Glyos® compatible.

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