Bit Figs Dreadvalken

Presenting... Bit Figs DREADVALKEN!

An all-new series featuring 6 unique designs, packed and sealed in full-color production blind bags! Series 1 includes 6 standard colors plus special edition GLOW and super rare METALLIC figures for a total of 60 variations to hunt and collect!

Available NOW in Standard and Mystery packs, plus a limited edition Glow-in-the-Dark "Xenoglow" Green complete set!

Be sure to check out the Glyos Blog (or our instagram) to read more about each character, and stay tuned for more fun surprises to come!

You'll also notice the Culture Pirates shop has been revamped, and all previously offered items are gone. For those looking for the vending series Bits, they will return to the shop this summer.

Thank you for your incredible patience and continued support.

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